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Confectionery in Pillow Pack

LL33015 - M&M's
95 grams of assorted colour milk chocolate M&M's (Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown and Blue) packed in Pillow Pack.

LL4866 & LL4846 - Jelly Beans
100 grams of Mini Jelly Beans packed in Pillow Pack. Your choice of jellybeans, choose from 9 great colours and flavours - Orange (Orange), Pink (Raspberry), White (Lychee), Red (Strawberry), Green (Apple), Yellow (Lemon), Black (Aniseed), Purple (Grape), Blue (Blueberry).

LL1070 - Mixed Eclairs
12 mixed Eclairs (Chocolate, Hazelnut, Coffee, Caramel) packed in Pillow Pack.

LL419 - Cadbury Assorted Jelly Party Mix
50 gram cello bag of assorted jelly party mix in pillow pack. Contents vary in each cello bag.

LL0381 - Assorted Fruit Skittles
95 grams of assorted fruit Skittles packed in Pillow Pack. Mix of 5 classic colours and flavours - Green (Apple), Purple (Grape), Orange (Orange), Yellow (Lemon) and Red (Strawberry).

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