Clean away the competition with promotional Microfibre Computer and Phone Wipes

7 Feb 2014 3:25 PM - The perfect promotional product for the digital age!

Micro-fibre Phonewipe and Computerwipe are the perfect promotional product for the digital age.

These microfibre cloths have many unique advantages:

  • Low cost

  • Genuinely useful

  • Australian made

  • Large multi-colour printable area

  • Fast delivery and turnaround times

What makes Computerwipe and Phonewipe different from other cleaning cloths?

  • Their filaments are significantly thinner than those in ordinary cleaning cloths.
  • Each ultra thin filament of the fabric has a diameter of only 9 microns. Simply the thinner the filament combined with the greater quantity per square centimeter, the better the cloth will clean.
  • The fabric is produced in Korea and proudly cut, printed and packaged in Australia. All cloths and printing come with a lifelong guarantee not to fray or run.
  • Tests show that high quality microfiber reduces bacteria on surfaces by 99% compared to 33% for conventional cleaning cloths.

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